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 (Preliminary Examination tender No. 4.20/APMSIDC/2014-15, Dated: 3-12 -2014.)      (Pre Bid Meeting Remarks Tno.5-15/APMSIDC/Medicines/2014-15, Dt.06.01.2015)      (Preliminary Examination Tender No.3.35/APMSIDC/2014-15, Dt.17.10.2014.)    
Civil Wing
Tender Notice

Ammendment for Tender Notice No.05/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dated: 06.01.2015

Ammendment for Tender Notice No.04/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dated: 3.12.2014

Tender Notice No.04/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dated: 3.12.2014

Tender Notice No.04/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dt: 3.12.2014 (World Bank Procedure)

Tender Notice No.03/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dated: 17.10.2014

Tender Notice No.02/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dated: 9.7.2014

Tender Notice No.01/ APMSIDC/2014-15 Dated: 25.6.2014

Designs Wing


Electrical wing

Preliminary  Technical Evaluation Report Tender No.11.25/APMSIDC/2013-14, dt.28.09.2013
Drugs Wing

Technical Evaluation Report for TNo.3-39.a/APMSIDC/Medicine Wing/2014-15, Dt.17.10.2014

New Procurement Policy - Essential Medicines and Additional Medicines 2013
Current Stock Position

      Rate Contract

 Empanelment Rate for 2014-15
Surgical Rate Contract 2014-15

Quality Control

List of Items Blacklisted

List of Firms Blacklisted

  Finance Wing

Application are invited from the Chartered Accountants

  Equipment Wing

Specification for MRI 3T_Technical_Details and 128_CT_Technical_Details
Preliminary Examination Report
Preliminary Examination  Tender No.tender No. 4.20/APMSIDC/2014-15, Dated: 3-12 -2014
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