W  E  L  C  O  M  E    T  O      E  Q  U  I  P M E N T     W I N G  

   Procurement and supply of balance items under ECRP II Scheme(T.No.9.5/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.01.09.2022)(Last Date:06.10.2022)

   Identification of vendor to manufacture supply and erection of double pillar display board or mini hoardings in all the Village Health Clinics in A.P(T.No.9.4/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.01.09.2022)(Last Date:07.10.2022)

   Procure and supply of balance items under NHM Scheme(T.No.8.1A/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.28.07.2022)(Last Date:06.10.2022)

   Procure and Supply of MRI Machines to KGH Visakhapatnam and GGH Kakinada(T.No.9.3/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.01.09.2022)(Last Date:28.09.2022)

   Selection of Service Provider for providing RFID Tagging and Software Services to DME and APVVP Hospitals(T.No.9.2/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.01.09.2022)(Last Date:26.09.2022)

   Procure and supply of TPC Meters in A.P(T.No.9.1A/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.01.09.2022)(Last Date:20.09.2022)

   Procure, supply and installation and commissioning of CCTV system with accessories to CDS in A.P(T.No.7.3A/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.07.07.2022)(Last Date:26.09.2022)

   Procure and supply of Cathlab machines to GGH Kakinada and GGH Kurnool (T.No.8.3C/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.28.07.2022) (Last Date:29.08.2022)

   Procure and Supply of CT Machines to KGH Visakhapatnam and GGH Kurnool(T.No.8.3A/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.28.07.2022)(Last Date:28.09.2022)

   Request for Proposal (RFP) for Supply of 432 Base Vehicles for use as Mobile Medical Units for providing Healthcare Services (104) across Andhra Pradesh(Last date:09.08.2022)

   Preliminary Technical Evaluation Report for T.No.10.1/APMSIDC/2022-23, Dt.02.09.2022) (Providing Fabrication for 432 Base Vehicles and Medical Equipment to provide Healthcare Services (104) across Andhra Pradesh)